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  1. Why hello there all you Miracle players! I am more than happy to announce that Faction Map 2 Is active! Expect Great things from this map as we hope to make this our best! We will always continue to work on this map throughout it to make things more fun for you guys! We will see who will rise to the top!

    The first thing I will cover is Donor ranks!

    ELITE Helm, Protection I
    ELITE Chestplate, Protection I
    ELITE leggings, Protection I
    ELITE Boots, Protection I
    ELITE sword, Sharpness II, Unbreaking II

    ELITE Axe, Shovel, and Pickaxe, Efficiency II, Unbreaking II

    HERO Helm, Protection II
    HERO Chestplate, Protection II
    HERO Leggings, Protection II
    HERO Boots, Protection II
    HERO Sword, Sharpness III, Unbreaking III
    HERO Axe, Shovel, and Pickaxe, Efficiency III, Unbreaking III

    ULTRA Helm, Protection III
    ULTRA Chestplate, Protection III
    ULTRA Leggings, Protection III
    ULTRA Boots, Protection III
    ULTRA Sword, Protection III
    ULTRA Axe, Shovel, and Pickaxe, Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III

    PRO Helm, Protection IV
    PRO Chestplate, Protection IV
    PRO Leggings, Protection IV
    PRO Boots, Protection IV
    PRO Sword, Sharpness V, Unbreaking 1V
    PRO Axe, Shovel, and Pickaxe, Efficiency V, Unbreaking IV

    LEGEND Helm, Protection V
    LEGEND Chestplate, Protection V
    LEGEND Leggings, Protection V
    LEGEND Boots, Protection V
    LEGEND Sword, Sharpness VI, Unbreaking V
    LEGEND Axe, Shovel, and Pickaxe, Efficiency VI, Unbreaking V

    VORTEX Helm, Protection VI
    VORTEX Chestplate, Protection VI
    VORTEX Leggings, Protection VI
    VORTEX Boots, Protection VI
    VORTEX Sword, Sharpness VII, Unbreaking V
    VORTEX Axe, Shovel, and Pickaxe Efficiency VII, Unbreaking V

    In this faction map, It contains...
    • Custom enchants
    ~ Custom enchants is very self-explanatory. These are enchants that have specific abilities to them to help make your factions experience better, whether its not dying as fast, having certain potion effects, etc...
    • White scrolls and Black scrolls
    ~White scrolls are scrolls that help protects a certain piece of Armour or battle items. So, to explain this better, when you apply a white scroll to a piece of Armour, you will get a a text at the bottom of your piece of Armour saying "Protected" meaning when you apply a book to that specific piece of Armour and the book fails, it will not destroy your specific Armour piece but will destroy your white scroll.
    ~Black Scrolls are scrolls that will take an enchant off a specific Armour piece or weapon. Black scrolls come with a percentage on it. So, when you use the black scroll on an item it will take off a random enchant and the success rate will be the percentage that came on your black scroll. This is usually used to take off a good enchant off a bad piece of gear or weapons

    • Transmog scroll
    ~Transmog scrolls are scrolls that when you apply it to a sword, axe, leggings, etc..., It will organize your enchants with legendary being the higest and common being the lowest and there will be a number on the piece you applied the trandmog scroll to representing the amount of enchants that are on the peice.
    • Magical angel dust
    ~Magical angel dust helps you increase your success rate on a book. So let's say you get a REALLY good enchant book, but it has a very low success rate, meaning, it has a chance to break your white scroll or your Armour peice if you don't have a white scroll. The magical angel dust helps you increase that success rate so your good book wont break.
    • Magical fixing dust
    ~Magical fixing dust allows you to bring down your destroy rate. This is good if your book has a high destroy rate, so your book can have a better chance of applying with a low destory rate once you use the magical fixing dust, in the end, helping you achieve your goal of creating a god set.
    • A Crazy tinkerer Option
    ~The crazy tinkerer option allows you to put in books are enchanted armour peices for an exchange of XP, or Mystery dust. This is good if you have a Armour piece that is terrible and you don't need, and or, a book thats bad or you don't need anymore.
    • A Black Smith Option
    ~The black smith option allows you to combine 2 of the same custom enchant books with the same level to upgrade it. Meaning when you put in a 2 of the same custom enchant books ,and they also have to be the same tier,they will combine and turn into 1 book with an extra level tier.
    • Protection runes
    ~Protection runes are EXTREMELY helpful and will being really rare. When these runes are applied to whatever you want to apply it to, its protected, meaning when you die with the piece that you applied a protection rune on it will still be in your inventory when you re-spawn with the con of the protection rune being destroyed from your Armour piece.
    • Gkitz!
    ~Gkitz are special type of kits that already come with some custom enchants with them. As of now you can buy them off the store. These Gkitz will be reusable every 48 hours. These are really op if you have them at the start and you will always have them!

    Each of these items will severely help you in the factions world!
    Here on MiracleMC we hope you will have a great time with this Map that the owner ItsLewizzz worked extremely.

    Don't forget to thank him when you see him :3



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